UCG Web Hosting Solutions:

UCG provides risk limited web hosting solutions with high availability and minimum down times. UCG uses its own created SRT technology and VPS solutions from "Virtuzzo – OpenVZ" which make down times negligible. UCG racks are distributed in Atlanta and Dallas, where we are currently serving more than 2000 companies.

UCG web hosting serves multi-level of web hosting solutions, starting from the individual hosting, resellers, VPSs and dedicated servers with multi-schemas' services quality, Intermediate, Advanced and Superior. In general, UCG uses Linux servers "CentOS" with special security and services configurations. UCG servers' supports "ASP-JSP | MONO – TOMCAT/ PHP5 – CGI – MYSQL – PgSQL – Python – Ruby and much more …"

UCG also uses Windows-OS to support MSSQL – ASP - .NET, UCG plans to offer individual windows hosting in the future as a mean of expanding its services.

UCG web hosting backups are generated daily, weekly, and monthly for both individuals and resellers accounts, then for all backups stored in back-end storage for more security.

UCG gives a special guarantee on web hosting products "individual hosting – resellers – VPSs" in two phases:

1- 30 Days Money Back guarantee
2- Renewal Prices = Purchase Prices or less.

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